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Our Approach


SSD Trading International is a modern state of the art ‘one stop solution’ apparel trims and accessories manufacturer which started its primary journey in the year of 2009 under the umbrella of SSD Trading International, A view to provide backward linkage support to country’s bustling export oriented garment industries.
SSD Trading International has started with a firm determination to manufacture international standard quality apparel accessories products. Our facility is equipped with all modern, latest & state of the art machinery & technologies and backed up with a team of trained, passionate and professional human resources, Our management team is not only highly skilled & experienced but also continuing with extensive industrial knowledge with firm business acumen.
In today’s competitive wield with such a diverse & demanding garments industry in Bangladesh, our customers look for flexible services with high quality products, short lead time and of course with reasonable prices. We have truly established ourselves to meet these requirement and we strongly believe that we will continue to serve these requirements with utmost trust, satisfaction and high integrity.

Fashion is about something that comes from within you

Our Story


Our Vision

Become one of the largest and most sought after apparel trims & accessories manufacturer in Bangladesh with a reputation of high quality products and best class services.

Our Mission

  • To operate the business with high motivation & deep commitment.
  • To strive hard to be a provider of world class garment accessories products.
  • To use latest technologies in manufacturing process.
  • To protect investor interest by achieving target.
  • To provide safe working environment for the employees.

Our Ethics & Values

  • High Quality
  • Competitive prices
  • Best Services
  • Honesty & Empathy

We believe that the above ethics & values carbine with our working principles are very important to maintain & achieve our Mission & Vision and will help us to build a strong & consistent company to achieve our goals.

Our Working Principles

  • People are the backbone of our company
  • Quality is the base for long term growth & success
  • Honesty S, integrity is the key for success
  • Customers are the partners of our company
  • Team work is the foundation for success
  • Compassion is the fuel for growth

Our Fantastic Clients


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